David Bollier und Stefan Gruber | Let’s Talk Books | Warburgstr. 8

A Book talk on 15 May 2024 at 6 pm

One of the leading figures in commons research, David Bollier, is visiting THE NEW INSTITUTE.

On Wednesday, he will be speaking at the Bookstore about the theory and practice of the commons. There will be a special focus on his book „Think like a Commoner“: after ten years since its publication, an update will soon be published that takes into account the exciting developments of recent times. Come as you are & join the conversation!

Moderation: Stefan Gruber, Fellow at the New Institute and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at Carnegie Mellon University
Language: English
Location: FELIX JUD Bookstore, Warburgstrasse 8, 20345, Hamburg

David Bollier, Helfrich, Silke Frei, fair und lebendig – Die Macht der Commons, 2024, 400 S., €20

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