Markus Gabriel | Der Mensch als Tier

Buchvorstellung am 26. Oktober 2022 um 19 Uhr im THE NEW INSTITUTE

Book launch „Der Mensch als Tier. Warum wir trotzdem nicht in die Natur passen“ („The Human Animal. Why we nevertheless do not fit into nature“) by Markus Gabriel

Best-selling author Markus Gabriel tackles some of the most urgent questions of our time: Are humans „merely“ animals? How much animal is there in us? Where do we stand in relation to nature?
To prevent our imminent self-extinction, we humans must learn to live with the fact that we are animals and will never be able to overcome our physical and psychological vulnerability. Since time immemorial, the question of who or what we humans are has troubled us. Are we nothing more than rational animals, or are we the crown of creation, even if we do not believe in a creation? Are we therefore „better animals“, or are we „worse animals“ for having lost our connection to the nature within and around us?

Markus Gabriel tackles these questions openly, intelligently, and without prejudice. In an impressive manner, he combines the latest scientific findings with contemporary philosophy. He calls for the recognition of the radical otherness of nature and animals. We must confront this otherness with an ethics of not knowing. Starting with the questions „What is an animal?“ and „What is life?“, he leads us to the question of all questions: What is the meaning of life?

We are pleased to announce the following event:
Organiser: THE NEW INSTITUTE | Felix Jud | Ullstein
Date: Wednesday, 26 October 2022
Start: 7.00 p.m.
Venue: THE NEW INSTITUTE, Warburgstraße 8, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Moderation: Marilena Berends

The event will be held in English. Please register by email to: 
About the author: Markus is an internationally acclaimed philosopher and holds the Chair in Epistemology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Bonn. He is the Director of the Center for Science and Thought as well as Chairman of the International Centre for Philosophy NRW. He has been awarded numerous prizes, fellowships, and visiting professorships. His books have been translated into many languages.

Markus is Academic Director at THE NEW INSTITUTE.

Markus Gabriel: „Der Mensch als Tier. Warum wir trotzdem nicht in die Natur passen“
352 pages, hardcover with dust jacket I 22,99 (D); 23,70 (A)
ISBN: 9783550201172
Release date: 19 October 2022

Photo Markus Gabriel copyright by Ullstein Verlag

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