Minna Salami & Tobias Müller | Let’s talk books!

Booktalk, 14th Februar 2023 at 6 pm

Let’s talk books!
Join us at the Felix Jud Bookstore as two Fellows of THE NEW INSTITUTE present the book „Sand Talk“ by Tyson Yunkaporta & their thoughts – and, most important, let’s hear what you have to say or ask about it!
“Sand Talk” introduces the interconnected thinking of Aboriginal culture as a way of coping with the crises in the modern world. Minna Salami is the author of “Sensuous Knowledge”, Tobias Müller studies different forms of activism with ethnographic methods. Both are Fellows of THE NEW INSTITUTE and engage with the various, nested crises of our time. They are also dedicated readers and enjoy the sharing of ideas with others as well as lively conversations. Therefore, in this open format, all are invited/encouraged to join the discussion!

This is the start of a completely casual series of (public) events at the Bookstore – come as you are, no registration required.

FELIX JUD BOOKSTORE, Warburgstraße 8, 20354 Hamburg

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