Christian Voigt

This limited Collectors Box contains 12 selected photographs of the most famous dinosaurs from Christian Voigt’s EVOLUTION series, in which dinosaur skeletons with the highest proportion of original bones from European and American museums are staged in a new way. The series is an impressive example of where dinosaurs meet art. Christian Voigt’s images are striking, even haunting. They are photographs of bones—ghostly tableaux of fossilized brown skeletons on black backgrounds—but they breathe a certain life into these long-dead animals. They force your eye, and then your mind, back to a world of millions of years ago, when reptilian beasts ruled the Earth. It was their world before it was our world, and then they disappeared, leaving only their calcified skulls and backbones. In addition to the 12 stunning photographs, the box contains an accompanying booklet with further motifs from the series and a detailed text by Steve Brusatte, Professor of Palaeontology and Evolution at the University of Edinburgh.